Fleming Job Hall (FJH) is a boutique consultancy firm based in Sydney Australia. We specialise in helping organisations successfully design, plan and implement cultural change. We work with large organisations undertaking significant change – such as company or team mergers, departmental restructures, systems implementations and office relocations. We also help design and implement the strategic and business planning processes often required as part of the overall transformation.

FJH also assists small organisations who are experiencing rapid growth – too often growing companies lose the essence


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of their DNA as an influx of new employees changes the culture in ways that had not been anticipated. FJH works with these businesses to help them define, retain and improve their unique work cultures while advising them on the right organisational structures and team processes that will enable them to grow effectively and efficiently.

FJH has the capability to design administer and analyse staff and customer attitude and culture surveys. We are also capable of designing specific, often web based, tools to assist in the planning process or with any process analysis or re-engineering that might be required.